Mr. Jing Shan received the award in the "Rail" category at the Transport Reasearch Arena (TRA) in Dublin.

Jing Shan from the Chair of Railway Operations published the article "Service quality assessment of international rail transport with multiple border crossings: Eurasian rail transport as an example" together with Nikola Bešinović and Jörn Schönberger from the Chair of Transport Services and Logistics. In their joint publication, they examined the service quality of Eurasian rail freight transport and whether it can handle the growing demands of international trade. We have already reported on this.

Now there is a reason to celebrate! Jing Shan was awarded the second place in the "Transport Mode Rail" category at the "TRA VISIONS Conference 2024 - Young Researcher Competition" on April 15, 2024 in Dublin.

We congratulate Jing Shan for this special award.


TRA VISIONS is an EU-funded project and establishes two competitions in the field of transportation sciences. One that is aimed at Bachelor and Master students as well as PhD programs and one that honors already established scientists. The aim is to support interdisciplinary research approaches as well as to find and reward high-performing students and the best scientists from all areas of transport sciences.

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Jing Shan M.Sc.

Chair of Railway Operations