Tens of thousands of engineers will be needed in Germany alone in the coming years. Among them are thousands of transport engineers and transport scientists. According to the online platform Statista, there were an average of 475 vacancies for every 100 unemployed engineers in the 3rd quarter of 2022. This means excellent job prospects for future graduates of the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at TU Dresden.

There could be many more of these graduates every year, according to the faculty's numerous partners in business and administration. For this reason, the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences and some companies are now taking a new approach in order to draw attention to the transportation studies at the TU Dresden and to attract the best young talents to study in Dresden: By means of 2-year scholarships starting as early as the first semester of the master's programme. This is intended to support particularly talented applicants who can be expected to achieve outstanding results in their studies and careers.

IKOS Consulting Deutschland GmbH endows first scholarship

The first company to financially support such a scholarship at the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences in order to actively shape its own engineering and specialist staff is IKOS Consulting Deutschland GmbH, based in Berlin. The scholarship, which is financed by IKOS and awarded by the faculty, will be awarded for the first time in the winter semester 2023/24 for 24 months to a first-semester student from one of the two master's degree programmes "Railway System Engineering" or "Electrical Transportation Systems". The scholarship holder receives 750 euros per month.

Simultaneous application for study place and scholarship

Applicants who apply for a study place in one of the two mentioned Master's programmes for the winter semester 2023/24 can also apply for the IKOS scholarship at the same time. The application deadline for the IKOS scholarship got extended to September 22. The Faculty Council appoints a committee to award the scholarship and appoints the chairperson.

Detailed information on the IKOS scholarship as well as on the application and selection process can be found on the website of the Faculty of Transport Sciences "Friedrich List".

Studying Transport and Traffic at TU Dresden

About IKOS Consulting Deutschland GmbH

IKOS Consulting Deutschland GmbH is a consulting group specialized in railroad and energy technology and offers development services for train manufacturers, track network operators and energy suppliers worldwide. The company's mission is to help shape ecological change and develop safe and sustainable means of transport for the future.

With 25 offices in 13 countries, IKOS offers the opportunity of an international career in a multicultural environment. Supported by the in-house R&D department IKOS Lab, 1,450 engineers are currently working on projects in the fields of control and safety technology, rail vehicle construction, telecommunications, energy and high voltage, as well as infrastructure and track systems.

Further information on the company can be found at: https://www.ikosconsulting.com/en/

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