Financially independent study - In cooperation with DB InfraGo AG and ISB mbH, the “Friedrich List” Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences is offering three more scholarships

Good news for students of the Master's degree courses in Railway Systems Engineering and Electrical Transport Systems. In order to support even more high-performing transport students, the range of scholarships on offer is expanded further. In addition to the existing scholarships in cooperation with Rail Power Systems GmbH from Munich and IKOS Consulting Deutschland GmbH from Berlin, two further scholarships are now made possible in cooperation with DB InfraGO AG and ISB Ingenieursgesellschaft für Sicherungstechnik und Bau mbH.

These scholarships give students the opportunity to study alongside leading national companies that are driving and shaping the transformation of infrastructure in Germany. At the same time, the scholarship providers naturally hope to welcome competent and motivated traffic engineers who want to accompany this change with new ideas.

Detailed information on the scholarships as well as on the application and selection process can be found on the website of the “Friedrich List” Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences.

About DBInfraGO AG

DB InfraGO AG is a "non-profit infrastructure company" based in Frankfurt am Main. It was founded on December 27, 2023 and is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG. DB Netz AG and DB Station&Service AG were merged into it, which means that the main area of responsibility focuses on maintaining and expanding the rail network (Track Division) and managing stations (Passenger Stations Division). DB InfraGo AG's goals are aligned with the German government's mobility plan and include, among other things, increasing transport performance in passenger and freight rail transport and implementing the Deutschlandtakt. At the end of 2023, the company employed a total of around 61,400 people.

About ISB Ingenieursgesellschaft für Sicherungstechnik und Bau mbH

ISB is a transport infrastructure company - divided into ISB Ingenieurgesellschaft für Sicherungstechnik und Bau mbH, based in Dresden, and ISB Rhein-Main GmbH, based in Frankfurt am Main. Together they are the point of contact for the modernization and construction of existing and new transport infrastructure. Due to its cooperation with many partners, ISB is active in both rail and road construction and is responsible for activities ranging from project management and assessment to the implementation of surveys. Among other things, ISB is involved in the planning of control and safety technology and construction supervision, making it a versatile service provider for Deutsche Bahn AG.

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Dr. Michael Krieg
Managing Director
"Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
TU Dresden

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