Scientists from the Research Group "Rail Freight and Logistics" of TU Dresden were present in Milan and gave a lecture on a current research topic.

Transport scientists from TU Dresden were also present at the European Transport Conference (ETC) 2022 in Milan at the beginning of September.

Maurice Krauth, research associate in the Research Group "Rail Freight and Logistics" at the Chair of Rail and Public Urban Transport, presented the research results of a joint project with his colleague Daniel Haalboom in a lecture entitled "Objective decision making in the event of disruptions - potentials for single wagonload transport network control".  

The starting point of the research discussed in the lecture was an expected modal shift from road to rail in view of general climate targets (because trains emit fewer greenhouse gases per tonne-kilometre than lorries). This process results in a higher utilisation of the rail network. To minimise the impact of possible disruptions, routing in the network is optimised. This allows network controllers to react objectively to any disruptions that occur. For this purpose, a mathematical optimisation model was set up in the project led by Krauth and Haalboom. Subsequently, a transport volume was generated and the routing as well as the occurrence of disturbances were simulated. For the evaluation, the induced costs as well as the number of trains used for different scenarios were taken into account.

For the two transport scientists, the conference served not only to present their own research but also to establish new scientific relationships with colleagues from the same or similar fields. This refers above all to international contacts, which are favoured by the ETC in its international orientation. Krauth notes that this type of networking was much more possible compared to the purely online conference held the year before.

About the European Transport Conference (ETC)

The European Transport Conference is an annual event organised by the Association for European Transport. Participants are mainly transport policy makers and researchers from all over Europe. The ETC offers a wide range of comprehensive presentations on policy issues as well as established practices and research results from across the transport spectrum. In addition, the ETC provides participants with scientific networking, the opportunity to participate in technical visits and to visit exhibitions.

In 2022, the ETC took place for the 50th time. The main topic was therefore "Behaviour Change - the impacts of the climate emergency and COVID-19 on long term travel patterns" after two years of pandemic events. In addition, there were rounds on transport planning since the 1970s. The main focus was on potential future developments of the profession and how the transport industry is dealing with the challenges of climate change and life after the Corona pandemic.


Maurice Krauth
Research Associate
Research Group - Rail Freight and Logistics
Chair of Rail and Public Urban Transport
"Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, TU Dresden