Studying transport at the cutting edge. But what does it take? Which topics and contents are important in the professional lives of transport experts - and must therefore be included in the degree programme?

In order to further develop its study programmes and to adapt them even better to the current and future needs of the professional world, the  "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at TU Dresden is asking graduates of the faculty for a survey (only in German available) until the end of May.

"Often it only becomes apparent in professional life which contents and competences from the degree course are really important or in which lecture one would have paid more attention in order to be able to build on the knowledge," says Prof. Oliver Michler, Dean of Studies at the Faculty for the degree courses in Transport Engineering. "That's why we are taking new approaches in the further development of our degree programmes. We ask our graduates which subjects in the degree programme prepared them well for professional life and whether there is content that should be additionally included."

Goal: Indentify topics, reweight thematic emphases

The evaluation of the responses serves to identify and integrate topics that are not yet covered in sufficient detail in the curriculum and to reweight key topics. "One fundamental question is of particular concern to us at the faculty with regard to our degree programmes: do we train practice-oriented specialists in individual transport sectors - or do we focus on a degree programme that illuminates all facets of transport and traffic in a method-oriented way?" says the Dean of Studies Transport Economics, Prof. Georg Hirte, about the considerations in the faculty. "In practice, both application-oriented and generalist experts are needed - but to which parts in which transport sector? To answer these questions, we also rely on our alumni who are well connected in the transport world."

The results of the survey directly benefit the future students in their training. In addition, the companies as future employers will benefit from well-trained experts from the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences who are optimally prepared for today's and tomorrow's transport issues.

We are kindly asking for your help:
Are you a graduate of the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences"? Please support the faculty by taking part in an anonymous online survey (only in German) lasting approx. 15 minutes.