Confirmed in office: Prof. Günther Prokop re-elected as Dean and Prof. Regine Gerike as Vice-Dean of the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Prokop remains Dean of the "Friedrich List” Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. He was confirmed in office on Monday, 13 December, by the new Faculty Council at its constituent meeting for the legislative period 2022 - 2024. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Regine Gerike was also re-elected as Vice Dean of the Faculty. This is also her second term after 2019 - 2021.

Günther Prokop explained his willingness to run for another term of office before the election with "the many good things that have been initiated in the past 2 to 3 years and are now beginning to bear fruit". As an example, he mentioned the great progress in the current appointment procedures with two newly appointed professors in 2021 (Prof. Pascal Kerschke/ Chair of Big Data Analytics in Transportation and Prof. Meng Wang/ Chair of Traffic Control and Process Automation) and further promising appointments in 2022.

He also outlined other key topics that he sees for the next three years. For example, the faculty has made very good progress in developing the TUD's potential area of "Automated and Networked Mobility". In addition, a variety of activities have been initiated to promote the faculty's research infrastructure and the networking and cooperation between the chairs of the faculty. As a further focus, the dean named "further developing our degree programmes and teaching, becoming even more international and thus increasing the attractiveness of our degree programmes".

He also emphasised that he would like to continue the established “Round Table of 8” as an advisory and management board of the faculty in the same form and also in terms of personnel, with the subdivision into the areas:


Research infrastructure

Teaching: 2 Deans of Studies (to be elected at the next Faculty Council meeting in January 2022)

Administration/Finance/ International Affairs

Public Relations

Information Technology/CIO

His proposal to re-elect Prof. Regine Gerike as Vice Dean of the Faculty was confirmed by the Faculty Council. Regine Gerike also emphasised before the election that she would very much like to continue to help shape the path the Faculty has taken in the past three years as Vice Dean.

The dean thanked all the departing members of the faculty council and the faculty management for their dedicated work over the past three years. He congratulated the newly elected members on their election: "With the newly elected faculty management and the faculty council, we have a great team that will be committed, purposeful and experienced in facing the challenges ahead. I wish us all a lucky hand and much success for the work ahead. I am looking forward to it!"

Dean Prof. Günter Prokop

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Head Chair of Automobile Engineering
"Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
TU Dresden

Vice-Dean Prof. Regine Gerike


Head of Chair of Integrated Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering
"Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
TU Dresden