Dr.-Ing.in Julia Maria Engelbrecht works as a researcher at the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at TU Dresden. Among other things, she deals with the question of how cars can communicate with each other so that fewer accidents happen on our roads. In the new episode "At work with ..." of the TU Dresden (TUD), she shows how driving tests are carried out with an autonomously driving car and the detours she took to find her profession.

In the video reportage series "At work with ...", the TU Dresden video team accompanies an employee of TU Dresden or of TUD partner institutions for one day. In this way, the TUD would like to provide an insight into the diverse areas of work and responsibilities at the TU Dresden and show: Behind everything that distinguishes the TUD are people who do their job with passion and dedication!

More videos are available on the YouTube channels "Discover TU Dresden" and "Try TU Dresden". For example, student Alona takes viewers into her everyday life as a student of transport sciences at TUD.

Dr.-Ing. Julia Maria Engelbrecht

Research Associate

"Friedrich List" Faculty of Transpo0rt and Traffic Sciences

TU Dresden

mail: julia_maria.engelbrecht@‚Äčtu-dresden.de