Under the title "We must strengthen our strengths", the new TUD supplement is dedicated to exciting topics. Transport and Traffic sciences are also represented.

Robotics solutions for the semiconductor industry: Fabmatics automates processes (supplement page 2)

The use of robots means that more and more human tasks can be replaced by machines. Thus robotics is playing an important role in the current shortage of skilled workers. Martin Däumler, Head of Product Development and Product Support at Fabmatics in Dresden, one of the leading system integrators in the European semiconductor industry, also recognizes this.

In 2013, he completed his Master's degree in Transportation Economics at the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at TU Dresden. He then went on to study industrial engineering, which he successfully completed with a Bachelor's degree in 2016. He also worked as a student assistant at the Chair of Technical Logistics at TU Dresden. There he researched material flow systems and simulations for mobile robotic solutions. Martin Däumler continued to work in this field beyond his studies. He has been working at Fabmatics since 2018. There, he and his team get automated machines to work with each other and with people. Fabmatics works closely with TU Dresden, which promotes research collaborations such as the Robotik AG.

For computers on wheels: TraceTronic tests software for the driving of the future (supplement page 3)

Software in cars is becoming increasingly complex. To ensure its safety and functionality, the codes are subjected to intensive testing procedures. Rocco Deutschmann is the founder and managing director of TraceTronic. The company specializes in precisely such tests and is thus driving forward the driving of the future.

Rocco Deutschmann successfully completed his degree in Electrical Engineering at the TU Dresden in 2001. He then worked as a research assistant on the "Systematic Control Unit Test" research project at the Dresden Institute of Automobile Engineering at the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and traffic Sciences. Together with his colleagues, he developed the desire to found his own company. TraceTronic GmbH was founded in 2004 with the support of the start-up experts at dresden|exists. To date, the company has a customer base of around 300 customers and, in addition to its headquarters in Dresden, has further locations in the USA and South Korea.

TraceTronic cooperates with the TU Dresden in the form of specialist lectures on topics such as autonomous driving.

Step by step to the job (supplement page 6)

Christoph Kautter is a graduate of the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. In 2016, he completed his studies in Transport Engineering with a specialization in transport planning and technology. From 2011, he received the Deutschlandstipendium (scholarship) from TU Dresden for talented and high-achieving students and was supported by Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) and the federal government of Germany. He wrote his thesis in conjunction with an internship at DB Netz headquarters. Christoph Kautter now works for DB Netz AG on the NBS Dresden - Prague project as a manager for Building Information Modeling (BIM). This involves collecting, visualizing and providing information for all important project partners. Studying Transport Engineering at TU Dresden was absolutely the right decision for him, says Christoph Kautter. "I would do the same thing again today."

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