Angela Francke began her studies in Transport Economics at TU Dresden in 1998. Her focus changed during her undergraduate studies. Today she holds a professorships for cycling at the University of Kassel.

Since earning her Diplom, Angela Francke has focused her energy on answering the following traffic-related questions: How does traffic planning affect people’s mobility patterns? Why do some people cycle on the sidewalk even though there is a dedicated bike path on the street? Who uses which routes? Whose mobility behavior changes based on the weather?

Her dissertation was honored with the 2020 Karl Vossloh innovation award for best doctorate in mobility research (see article from 16.11.2021). “I am a child of TU Dresden who loves research,” she says.

Today, she holds one of just seven chairs in cycling in all of Germany at the University of Kassel, where she researches urban mobility.

She still has close ties with TUD. In fact, she initiated a joint research project on key elements of the mobility transformation. Read about her motivation as well as her detailed career path in her alumna portrait.

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A woman rides a bicycle past a tram.
© Markus Weinberg/TU Dresden

Angela Francke, Professor for Cycling and Sustainable Mobility at the University of Kassel.


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