For the video, the format dealt with question of how traffic will look like in the future: “When will automated driving be implemented in everyday life?” Since automated driving is being researched and investigated in an interdisciplinary manner at the “Friedrich List” Faculty of Traffic and Transportation Sciences, a wide variety of perspectives, like technological, ecological, economic and psychological aspects, are used as starting points. The video focuses on the potential area and emerging field of "Automated and Networked Mobility" at the TU Dresden with insights into the institutes for Automobile Engineering Dresden (IAD) and for Traffic Telematics, into the ABSOLUT project and into the non-university research facility for Road Traffic Accident Investigation.

From various perspectives, complex questions about the current state of research on automated driving are posed to scientists at the “Friedrich List” Faculty of Traffic and Transport Sciences: Which technical requirements and which infrastructure details are necessary for automated driving, and what ethical questions should be clarified in advance?

The potential area interdisciplinarily investigates how traffic systems can be designed safely, efficiently, and intelligently in lieu with automated and interconnected driving. In the course of the sustainable traffic turn, transportation and mobility need to be rethought. By pooling the competencies of the faculty with various partners within the TUD, in the DRESDEN-concept network and with non-university institutions, the university can systematically and holistically research the topic of automated and networked mobility.

Further videos related to the topics of transport and mobility can be found on TUD’s YouTube channels Discover TU Dresden and Try TU Dresden. In the video series “At work with ...,” for example, research assistant Dr. Julia Maria Engelbrecht takes viewers along for a day and provides insights into her work and duties associated with driving tests of automated cars.

You can find the TU Dresden institutes for Traffic Telematics here and for Automobile Engineering here.

Emerging Field Automated and Networked Mobility

The focus of this Emerging Field is on designing efficient, safe, and intelligent transport systems. Transport and mobility are being rethought under the normative vision of sustainable development. Research on user needs and mobility services will drive and simultaneously inspire research on new automated and connected technologies.

Furher information on potential areas can be found here.