Faculty opens its doors to science enthusiasts of all ages and provides a wide range of insights into current research projects in transport and traffic sciences.

We say THANK YOU for a great Long Night of Science 2024!

On June 14, numerous employees from various professorships presented their current research and delighted visitors of all ages. With exciting, creative and everyday hands-on activities, guests were able to experience transport sciences in an interactive way in the Gerhart Potthoff Building and the Vehicle Test Center (FVZ). A rally through the transport sciences connected all program points and motivated numerous guests to prove themselves as transport experts.

Numerous visitors took the opportunity to visit the faculty's laboratories. The railroad operations laboratory and the VAMOS traffic control center were once again very popular this year, and the "flight tickets" for the A320 flight simulator were already fully booked at 8 pm. The Chair of Electric Railways also attracted numerous guests with music to visit the systems laboratory.

Autonomous driving, digital technologies and robotics: interested visitors were able to experience the future of mobility in a playful way, for example at the Vehicle Test Center (FVZ), the traffic jam simulator or the Duckie formula.

Visitors were also able to find out about everyday mobility issues such as rail safety, traffic light assistance systems for cyclists and the impact of individual air traffic on the environment and society. Measuring and analyzing their own mobility behavior and reflecting on it for future transport planning - the guests were also invited to do just that.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this year's Long Night and look forward to an exciting Long Night of Science on June 20, 2025!