Why do we travel electrically at all? How does efficient electric rail transportation work? How will we soon electrify road transportation? And (when) will the first Hyperloop arrive? - These questions and many more are answered by the Master's degree course in Electrical Transport Systems. The Chair of Electric Railways presents the course in a new video.

Studying electromobility

The course teaches the structure and functioning of electric transport systems. Students acquire knowledge of the methodical procedure for selecting and dimensioning operating equipment as well as the basics of diagnostics. Further focal points are energy management and operating strategies in mobile and stationary systems as well as the diagnosis of mechatronic vehicle systems.

With us, you will learn all about electrical transportation systems, alternative and hybrid drive systems, rail energy supply and how it all works together in the system.

Lydia Harnisch, Graduate of the "Electrical Transportation Systems" master's degree program

Individual support and attractive career prospects

The degree program offers individual support and a family atmosphere. Thanks to numerous projects by academic staff, there is a wide range of possible topics for a Master's thesis, including practical ones. Internships give students the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice early on in their studies.


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