For her master's thesis, a student of Transport Economics at TU Dresden is investigating the safety of autonomous buses. To do this, she is also asking customers in Germany about their risk perception of the vehicles.

Yanka Tilkova is studying Transport Economics at the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at TU Dresden and is currently writing her master's thesis. It is about "User requirements for the safety of autonomous buses - investigation of the risk perception of customers in Germany". Part of the master's thesis is also an anonymous online survey among public transport customers on the risk perception of passengers of autonomous buses in Germany (in German). The survey will run until 11 February 2022.

Autonomous buses are a sustainable extension to local public transport, providing more citizens with better access to it. Currently, many pilot projects are being carried out in Germany to investigate the possibilities for further development and application of autonomous buses. The buses serve short fixed routes and travel at low speeds - up to 20 km/h depending on the length and condition of the route.

The focus of Yanka Tilkova's research is customer perception. The aim of the study is to identify and classify the most important attributes that have an influence on the passengers' feeling of safety. Participation takes a maximum of 15 minutes.

Yanka Tilkova

"Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, TU Dresden
Chair of Information and Communication Business Managemrent & Economics
Student Master's Programme of Transport Economics