After the first award in 2022, it was presented again this year: the "Teaching Award for Outstanding Teaching" of the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. The two award winners were clearly delighted.

The awards, each worth 250 euros, were conferred in the large lecture hall 81 of the Gerhart Potthoff Building at TU Dresden on " Day of the Faculty" on November 10. Dean Prof. Regine Gerike said at the award ceremony: "Here at the faculty, in addition to research, we have made the future-oriented development of our teaching a top priority. This is one of our biggest challenges now and in the coming years." But of course, according to the Dean, there are already "many good lecturers and excellent teaching that can be built on". In order not to withhold these prime examples from the public, the "Friedrich List" Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences teaching award has now been presented for the second time.

Dr.-Ing. Torsten Heyer received the award in the category " Fundamental Teaching"

Man at the lectern
© Andrea Surma / FVW

Dr.-Ing. Torsten Heyer at the award ceremony

Dr.-Ing. Torsten Heyer, research assistant at the Chair of Hydraulic Engineering, received the award for his lecture "Water Traffic Systems". In their justification for the award, presented by student council speaker Hosea Winter, the students praised Dr. Heyer for his "good mixture of interesting facts, rational calculations, which he always explained logically and comprehensibly, and entertainment".

Dr.-Ing. Rico Wittwer received the award in the category "Advanced Teaching"

Man at the lectern
© Andrea Surma / FVW

Dr.-Ing. Rico Wittwer at the award ceremony

Dr.-Ing. Rico Wittwer, research assistant at the Chair of Mobility System Planning and Head of Research for Mobility Behavior and Traffic Planning at the faculty, received the teaching award for his lecture "Data Collection and Analysis in Transport Planning". The students, presented by student representative Victor Nitzsche, emphasized that Dr. Wittwer had succeeded in "picking up all students regardless of prior knowledge or preparation and motivating them for the content with good humour and a humorous presentation style." 

Both award winners were visibly delighted with the prize and the recognition that came with it and thanked the faculty and students for this honor. To the delight of the Student Council, Dr. Heyer announced that he would donate his prize money to them.


Melina Herrmann / Red. bearb.

About the teaching award

In the Faculty Council, an annual teaching award for the transport and traffic sciences was suggested and decided upon. After a pre-selection of good and very good courses by the Transport Student Council (FSR), the students of the faculty voted in the autumn using Opal. The FSR then submitted the justified proposals of possible candidates for the teaching award to the Faculty Council, where the final decision on the award was made.

From now on, the prize will be awarded annually in the categories "Basic Teaching" and "Advanced Teaching". It is endowed with 250 euros each.