During the summer vacations in Saxony, school pupils can spend a week getting to know what it's like to study at TU Dresden. Lectures, lab tours and exchange meetings give them an insight into STEM studies. This year, the Faculty is represented by the Chair of Aviation Technology and Logistics.

The Summer University has firmly established itself as a tradition at TU Dresden and is currently in full swing. From June 24 to July 12, 2024, students interested in STEM subjects will have the opportunity to experience everyday university life for a week. In addition to a daily visit to one of the canteens and a selection of leisure activities, they will gain insights into many institutes and research facilities, as well as their laboratories, and can also actively participate themselves. The program also includes visits to various companies in order to gain a broad insight into the different professional fields. In addition to the research program, students can also find out about topics such as financing their studies or housing options in direct discussions.

The Summer University is organized by the Central Student Advisory Service. To promote gender equality, the Summer University is held in gender-homogeneous weeks.

"The Central Student Advisory Service at TU Dresden is placing a special emphasis on gender-homogeneous weeks in this context. In contrast to schools, for example, the aim is to create new spaces for experience that promote unconventional thinking and action - detached from conventional gender concepts."

This year, the Chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics is participating with a two-part event on aviation. In the first part, students will learn all about airspace organization and how aircrafts get from A to B safely by Dipl.-Ing. Marco Berger. The second part of the program follows on from the theory taught and shows how this is implemented and researched in practice. For this purpose, Dipl.-Ing. Kati Ahnert will introduce the flight simulator to those interested.

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Dipl.-Ing. Kati Ahnert

Chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics
Tel. +49 351 463-36834

Dipl.-Ing. Marco Berger

Chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics
Tel. +49 351 463-32403